Welcome to our Interactive Online Learning Technical Training page! Here you will find instructional videos and printable handouts for YouTube and Google. All instructional materials were made in-house. If you have any questions regarding these materials, please contact SLC Arts. Thank you!


Instructional Materials for YouTube

These instructional videos and printable PDFs are to help guide you in uploaded and editing videos with YouTube.

It’s basically free video editing software!

Uploading Videos to YouTube

YouTube Upload Handout


Basic Video Editing using YouTube

Youtube Basic Video Editing Handout



Instructional Materials for Google

Here is a basic instructional video that will show you around Google Drive. Artists can utilize these free tools provided by Google Drive to collaborate with other artists around the world! You can collaborate on documents (stories, poems…etc), presentations (present your artwork…etc), and use spreadsheets to keep track of your inventory or sales.

Google Drive is a great free tool for all artists.

Google Docs and Drive Basics