Jonathan Livingston Seagull: A Solo Flight

A solo performance by Potsdam native Andrew Thacher
during Potsdam HS Mega Reunion 2022!

SLC Arts and AKT Up Productions presents

Jonathan Livingston Seagull: A Solo Flight

Friday, August 12, 2022 at 4 PM    +     Saturday, August 13, 2022 at 1 PM
at The Creative Spirit Community Arts Center at 6 Raymond Street in Potsdam.

Dreamer. Rebel. Outcast. Jonathan Livingston Seagull is no ordinary bird.

Banished to the Far Cliffs by his flock for daring to break with tradition, Jonathan spends his life in pursuit of his unbound passion for flight, not to scrape and scrabble for food-but for the joy of flight itself. Richard Bach’s bestselling 1970 novella “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” is brought vividly to life in Jonathan Livingston Seagull: A Solo Flight by Adapter and Performer Andrew Thacher who invites us to join Jonathan on his journey through the here and now, and all of eternity, as he soars to the heights of perfection, freedom, and Love.

Early Bird Tickets through July 31: $10 + fees

Advance tickets August 1 – 11: $15 + fees

At the door: $18 + fees

Purchase tickets on form below or at Creative Spirit Community Arts Center, 6 Raymond St, Potsdam.

Jonathan’s path from awkward beginner to passionate student and eventually to patient master is both wonderfully familiar and extraordinarily unique. Thacher began tinkering with Richard Bach’s acclaimed novella, performing Part One as a staged reading for the first time in 2009. A full production eluded him however, but after more than a decade of false starts, and with the blessing of author Richard Bach, he is thrilled to bring Jonathan Livingston Seagull: A Solo Flight to life at last.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull: A Solo Flight, adapted and performed by Andrew Thacher, based on the book by Richard Bach, is directed by Paul Millet (Unbound Productions’ Wicked Lit, History Lit and Mystery Lit), produced by AKT Up Productions and SLC Arts. The production features costume design by Christine Cover Ferro, key art by Shelby Tweten and graphic design by James Castle Stevens.