Regan DeFranza – Arrange Whatever Pieces Come Your Way: A tribute to Virginia Woolf


This artist book is an interpretation of the quote from A writer’s Diary by Virginia Woolf, “Arrange whatever pieces come your way.” The book structure is called a back-to-back or double accordion. The book was created on watercolor paper that has been painted and collaged. The book is designed to be opened and pulled out to sit on a surface. Each panel contains either a window to allow the viewer to see “bits and pieces” of the book or a card created from paper that has been contact (ecco) printed with plants and either woven or collaged. The cards are designed so that they can be removed and reordered to engage the viewer in arranging the pieces of the book. Books have played a major role in my life: reading, collecting, and in my career as a librarian. The endless possibilities of creating with paper: making, molding, folding, drawing, and printing, has inspired my art. Creating books that tell a story with or without words is the focus of my work. In our modern digital world holding a physical book experiencing it tactically and with intention is something to value.

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