#GKOEH001: Gretchen Koehler – LIVE From Hill & Hollow


An eclectic collection of old tunes with new grooves by the genre busting duo, fiddler Gretchen Koehler and pianist Daniel Kelly.

Koehler & Kelly set fiddle tunes ablaze with their unique soundscape that infuses the energy of traditional dance music with the irresistible rhythms of jazz. The fiddle and piano weave in and out of jigs and reels with a delivery that ranges from elegant to fierce, searing to sensitive. Their approach has caught the attention of the folk music establishment, most notably NPR’s Thistle & Shamrock showcasing “Best New Sounds” from rising artists. “Masterful.” -Fiddler Magazine, www.gretchenkoehlermusic.com

CONTENTS: The Cock & the Hen, The Killavil Jig, I Buried My Wife and Danced on Her Grave/The Wife’s Jig (G. Koehler)/The Fox’s Wedding (G. Koehler) /Crazy Weasel 1-2-3 (G. Koehler), Julia Delaney/The Drunken Landlady/Born of a Summer’s Day (B. Pickell)/The Banks of Lough Gowna, The Stolen Purse/Gondolin, (N. VanNorstrand), Catharsis (A. Cann)/Sky Top (G. Koehler)/This Moment (D. Kelly)/Wizard’s Walk (J. Ungar)/Midnight on the Water/Bonaparte’s Retreat

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