Anjali Misra – “Wedding Procession”


9×7, Watercolor

Given the ancient Hindu perception of the smallness of mankind within the natural world, I painted this oversized elephant along with smaller humans walking in a traditional wedding procession. In traditional Indian weddings the groom rides an elephant or a horse to the brides house with family, friends, and musicians walking along singing and dancing. While drawing and painting I reflect on my Indian roots and how mankind’s almost miniscule stature compares to the larger universe in which we reside. While the relative smallness of the humans in the procession is immediately apparent, the fantasy-like essence of the forest trees guides the viewer to understand the somewhat abstract way that not only Hindu culture sees the largeness-smallness of the man-nature relationship, but many other Cultures around our globe do as well. This is evident in Buddhist, Lakota, Dine’ and the majestic and large White Buffalo of the Plains Nations, such as Lakota, who tend to view mankind as small and humble creatures within nature. It was an easy choice for me to replay this ancient connection using an elephant (representing the elephant God Ganesh), who in my Indian culture, is both large and wise.

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