Anjali Misra – “Orange Glow”


9.5×7.5, Watercolor

I was inspired to paint these orange (a color with special meaning to me) poppies because not only do I enjoy painting flowers but love watching their evolution from tiny buds to full blossoms in my flower beds. Aristotle used the word blossom in a different context that I like. He studied nature intensely and labeled it ‘natural realism.’ This entailed the ‘potentiality’ of a human, a child whose path to happiness is reaching that potential, the end game of which he saw as ‘actualization.’ It is not just about the happiness’ of a soul but also, the path to external beauty which these blossomed flowers depict. The bud, in its smallness, next to a fully blossomed and beautiful, sunset orange colored flower, with its brilliance found within its soft texture is a visual of the potential of us all. Perhaps it is why we all, regardless of background, seem to stare wistfully at beautiful flowers. They resonate in us all the desire to grow to our own full potential.

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