About SLC Arts at Downtown Snell Hall:

Downtown Snell Hall is located in the center of the Village, facing the municipal offices, museum, and public library. The building is owned by Clarkson University; it is a turn­-of­-the­-century building registered with the State Historic Preservation Office. SLC Arts currently rents office space, classrooms, and artist workspaces. Thanks to a significant in-kind donation, the space in Downtown Snell Hall is provided to SLC Arts through a Memorandum Of Understanding with Clarkson University.

Current plans – The Vecino Group:

The Vecino Group, a private developer based in Missouri, has been working with Clarkson University on plans to redevelop Downtown Snell Hall. Previous projects by the Vecino Group have established grassroots support to develop low-income housing paired with community services in historic structures that meet existing needs of the working class. Hudson Arthaus in Troy, NY is an example of a previous project by Vecino which combined non-profit arts services, including maker space and gallery space, and low-income housing in a historic structure. Their working plans for Downtown Snell Hall include SLC Arts and Clarkson University’s Shipley Center for Innovation, which provides entrepreneurial support and business incubation services, on lower floors of the building and low-income housing on upper floors.


Previous attempts at development – Omni Development:

Historic significance of the building:

Snell Hall originally housed the Potsdam Normal School, and was the Potsdam State Teachers College until 1958, when it was given to Clarkson College.  It was renamed for U.S. Congressman Bertrand H. Snell.  This was the site of the St. Lawrence Academy (1825-68) and the first Normal School (1868-1918). Source: http://www.potsdampublicmuseum.org/pages/97/20/sandstone-time-line-illustrated