Potsdam Public Library logoSLC Arts owns lighting studio equipment which is currently housed at Potsdam Public Library’s Cleveland Computer Center on the basement level of 2 Park Street. This lighting equipment for photography and film was purchased by SLC Arts thanks to the generosity of individual donors and a grant from the Grasseroots Fund


Exploring Studio Lighting with Greg Kie

This class will be offered on the following dates (learners should register for 1 date). Maximum learners per class is 5; registration is required:
    • Saturday October 27  from 1-3
    • Thursday November 8 from 5:30 – 7:30pm – CLASS FULL
    • Thursday, November 15 from 5:30-7:30pm – NEW SESSION ADDED!

Learn the basics of supplementary lighting to photograph objects and subjects. Learners will use studio equipment for hands-on exploration of standard 3-point lighting techniques using key, fill, and background lights. Lighting scenarios will emphasize product photography–accurately and attractively representing a product. Learners can also explore hands-on lighting scenarios for portraiture. Learners who have DSLR cameras should bring them, a loaner camera will be available for use during class.
Greg Kie of Potsdam is the Senior Media Relations Manager and an Adjunct Photography Instructor at SUNY Canton.
At Potsdam Public Library’s Cleveland Computer Center, 2 Park Street.

Equipment Demos with Jim Bullard

Maximum learners per class is 5; registration is required:

  • Thursday, May 17, 4-5p   CANCELLED 5/17 – please watch for this event to be rescheduled.
Lighting is a key factor in successful photography and film. Local photographer Jim Bullard will do a brief demo of the SLC Arts Lighting Studio equipment, including assembly, set-up, and general questions. Please bring an example of what you want to photograph; if you have questions about using your own camera, bring the camera and its manual.
At Potsdam Public Library’s Cleveland Computer Center, 2 Park Street.

Reserve time to use the equipment independently

  1. Fill out a room reservation form at https://www.potsdamlibrary.org/reserve, or ask for a paper form in person at the Potsdam Public Library. Request the Multi-Purpose Room. It is strongly recommended that you take the Lighting Studio demo prior to reserving the equipment independently so you are familiar with safe handling of the equipment.
  2. After your form is submitted and reviewed, library staff will contact you. Let them know you want to use the lighting studio equipment.
  3. After Library Director approval, a copy of your room reservation agreement will be shared with SLC Arts.
  4. After you are finished using the room and equipment, fill out a survey.

Inventory of equipment

– in 2 black bags: 2 sets of 2 dimmable 500-LED Photo-Video Light Panels
– in 1 black bag: 10 foot high adjustable backdrop frame, wall hooks to hang backdrop rod instead of using tripod legs for backdrop if desired (reduces set-up time)
– panels to block excess light from windows
– in plastic bin: black backdrop, white backdrop, 6 black plastic muslin clamps, 4 rubber-tipped steel clamps, baggie with 6 hooks for hanging rail
– in black bag: light tent cube for small 3-D objects
– folding stepstool
– hanging rail

It is recommended that photographers bring their own:
– camera, with polarizing lens if needed
– fishing line to suspend 2D artwork (hooks & hanging rail are provided)
– drapes for tables for 3D objects
– custom colors of backdrops if something other than black or white is desired

The following items may be borrowed with advance notice:
– columns for displaying 3D work
– digital camera

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