Statewide Community Regrants Program

Formerly known as the Decentralization Program

Want to serve as a grant review panelist?
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The grant review panel is critical to our regrant program, and relies on community input to fairly distribute funding. SLC Arts is always looking for volunteers willing to commit the time and dedication needed to serve as a panelist. If you or someone you know loves art, lives in the tri-county region, and would like to help your local arts community in a big way, please consider submitting a nomination for a grant review panelist below.

Grant Panelist Nomination Form

Panel nominees should: be reliable, have a commitment to the arts, be able to articulate their opinions and be open to the ideas of others, be comfortable with group decision making, have a knowledge of Northern New York communities, and expertise in an artistic discipline, arts administration, community arts programming, community development, or financial expertise. SLC Arts strives to appoint panels which are diverse in terms of ethnicity, gender, age, culture, geographic representation*, and artistic focus. Because of the need to form well-balanced panels, we may not be able to consider all the qualified people who are nominated. However, it is very helpful to have a pool of candidates for future years. Thank you for your assistance in this process! *At this time we are especially seeking potential panelists from Jefferson or Lewis counties. To nominate someone, please complete this form. You may self-nominate.

  • If this is a self-nomination you may skip this section of questions.