The #AsyncArts Project

Asynchronous Community Art around the North Country

Art brings communities together. Due to current events, creative ways to express our experiences and share one another’s reflections can provide comfort among other things. While we can’t gather together to experience art, we can experience it in the same place at different times.

AsyncArts aims to recruit local artists to showcase their work in public outdoor spaces so people can engage with them safely and contact-free. All media are welcome – sculpture, painting, murals, digital arts, photography, music, dance, and more. Projects can be material (e.g. a physical presence in a public space) or digital (e.g. a QR code that gives viewers access to an artistic experience).

#AsyncArts needs community:

Please consider commenting, posting, and/or reacting! Use the hashtag #asyncarts on social media.

You contribute and support artists when actively responding to their art! Consider posting on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more) with the hashtag #AsyncArts for our currently active projects.  Contact the captains of each project for more information on participating.

Calling all artists:

We are calling all artists – in all forms of media. Please send a pitch setting out your vision and the cost of materials and labor. We are committed to raising money to provide financial support for these projects so artists are paid for their work. We have a modest budget, but are open to ambitious pitches. If necessary, we will try to find more extensive financial resources. Ideally, pitches should be for small projects that can be realized quickly. Long-term ideas are also welcome. 

We are calling all potential collaborators and contributors. Skills and resources of interest include:

  Web design.

  Fundraising/grant writing.

  Recruiting artists.

  Permissions for use of public sites.

Photographing/documenting the projects and public responses.

– If you are willing to donate money to help support local art projects, please get in touch.

Contributing community members:

Jeanna Matthews, Lisa Propst, Liza LaBarge Paige

For more information or to get involved, please contact us via email at asyncarts@slcartscouncil.org.