Jeff Lazovik Wood Mobiles

4120 County Route 17
DeKalb Junction, New York 13630

My pieces are wood sculptures that are made for suspension in space in either indoor or outdoor environments. Each piece is constructed from branches that are taken from trees on my property where I live in Old DeKalb, NY. I use limbs that are cut from apple, hickory, ironwood, maple, cedar, hemlock, beech, lilac, oak and butternut trees. The branches are then stained with varnish or paint and strung together with synthetic cords. The hanging pieces are kinetic and a significant aural resonance occurs when the components interact. Strong winds can produce this effect, but human hands work even better. The process of creating each sculpture allows for a conversation and ultimate agreement with an ideal, the materials being utilized and the revelation of how space impacts with all of these elements.

  • Optional Additional Works (Up To Two)
  • Optional Additional Works (Up To Two)

Jeff Lazovik

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