Becky Harblin Art

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16 Tanner Rd.,
Norwood, New York 13668

A trained painter, Becky majored in art and did course work at San Diego State University. She worked at The New Yorker magazine, and several newspapers. In recent years she has begun not only to paint again, but sculpt in various media. She writes near daily from her home in rural upstate New York. In September of 2012, a book of her poems was published by Glover Publishing. And as a nod to her days at The New Yorker, she only signs her paintings on the back, allowing the work to be the ‘star’. Becky’s work has been juried in to shows all over the country, and she has been grateful to earn awards in some. Landscape and plein air is her work’s emphasis.

You may view her work on Facebook and Instagram.

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Becky Harblin

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