Kris A Lis Designs & Phoenix Rising Art

Norwood, New York 13668

Hi, I’m a Norwood Mixed Media artist/ art teacher specializing in acrylic pouring, alcohol inks, chalk pastels, digital collage, metal inked chic décor, oil, watercolor, printmaking glass bead jewelry, ear rings and photography. I own both Kris A Lis Designs and Phoenix Rising Art and teach workshops.

(Kris-A-Lis) "The art of change, the act of change in the process of change."
I offer various mixed media artwork that inspire, mirror thoughts, and embody emotions.
These paintings are a conduit to my inner self and a way of reflecting and recounting where I’ve been, where I am, and where I am going. Whether I am teaching children and adults, or alone in my studio enjoying the colors I paint, art is a constant agent of transformation in my soul’s drive to health. When I am not creating, I’m fishing. Prints and originals available for sale.

Kris Rozelle

  • Teaching Artist
  • Accepts Commissions
  • Seeking Collaboration Opportunities