Contemporary Visual Arts

Potsdam, New York 13676

I am a Creatives Rebuild New York 2022-2024 Fellow and am a contemporary visual artist who holds the ancient Eastern philosophy of ‘Chi’, also called Energy, Spirit, and Soul, deep in my heart. ‘Chi’ is the backbone of my work. .

Circles are the totems of my recent work because they represent positive energies. All the circles in various phrases and expressions in my work show the intimate echoes of my autobiographical reflections of personal sentiment. To me, the Circle conveys the energy of peace and harmony; by incorporating them with my artistic practice, my goal is to pursue the positive dialogues between my artistic creation and my life.

I have been working with various media such as oil, water base media, and mixed media in two and three dimensions. Oil has been my primary medium, with which I enjoy building textures with two important elements: color and layer effect. I have shown my work in New York City, New York State and abroad.

Sharon H.J. Cheng

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