2021 Bits & Pieces Juried Art Exhibit

Best in Show: “Lotus” by Heron Hetzler


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A special thank you to our juror, Kris Rozelle!


Hi, I’m Kris Rozelle. I’m primarily self-taught- ever since I was five years old, I have painted, drawn and used my gifts in art for others. I own Kris A Lis Designs & Phoenix Rising Art. My desire is that my artwork will inspire, mirror thoughts, and embody emotions. Currently, I create mixed media pieces in Alcohol Inks, Acrylic Pouring, Chalk Pastels, Digital art, Mosaics and Glass Bead Jewelry to name a few. I’m a representational storyteller and most inspired by nature, beauty and pain in the world.  My pieces’ “stories” reflect light in the darkest places and shed hope through the symbols and words etched therein. For years I have witnessed the transformative and healing power of art making in my own life and teaching others. Creating art in the midst of pain, illness and emotional upheaval provide a distraction and smooth the soul.  In my life I have overcome obstacles from surgery and an inability to paint to creating digital art and other forms of mixed media art, teaching them to kids and adults for over 20 years. While creating my digital art, I utilize dozens of photographs I or my friends have taken to build complexity by cutting them up and re-distributing them, as well as digitally under-painting. My pieces are constructed of various layers and screens that I create in order to change the light and depth in my paintings. 
See more of Kris’ work at Phoenixrisingart.org