SLC Arts has announced the regional artists who have been selected for publication in the 2020 Fine Art Up North wall calendar. Dozens of image submissions were considered; jurors selected 13 images to be featured in the twelve-month calendar plus cover.

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The following artwork is featured in the 2020 Fine Art Up North calendar:

  • Cover: “CR – 39 Louisville NY” – photograph by Andrey Oloan
  • January: “Whitewater Heritage Park, Canton” – watercolor by Judith DeGraaff
  • February: “Dragon’s Lair” – photograph and pottery by Sara E. Lynch
  • March: “Circling the Memoirs No. 1” – oil on linen by Sharon H.J. Cheng
  • April: “Misty Day in Saranac Lake” – pastel by Catherine LaPointe Vollmer
  • May: “Peony” – watercolor by Michiko Taylor
  • June: “Black Capped Chickadee Taking Off” – photograph by Shelley Hazen
  • July: “Old Truck, Pumpkin Hill Rd” – photograph by Jim Bullard
  • August: “Dreamy Columbine” – photograph by George Osier
  • September: “Saterlee Tower” – photograph by Andrey Oloan
  • October: “Forest Mushroom” – photograph by Beverly Patchin
  • November: “Stone Valley Autumn” – photograph by Ron Larsen
  • December: “Woodsy Walk” – acrylic on canvas by Stefanie Latimer