2020 Abstract Art Show


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A special thank you to our juror, Sharon H.J. Cheng!

“Enlightenment” by Sharon H.J. Cheng (NFS)

Sharon H.J. Cheng

Sharon H.J. Cheng, a New York Foundation for the Arts/ MARK09 artist, is originally from Taiwan, where she earned her degrees in Arts. Later, she studied art conservation and architecture in the United States. Since July 2000, she has lived in Potsdam, New York, where she regained her passion for oil painting. Sharon H.J. Cheng has been actively showing her paintings in solo exhibitions, open studio tours, regional and international juried and group exhibitions. She had three solo shows at the Pleiades Gallery in New York, of which she had been a member from 2008 to 2014. Sharon’s paintings have been selected in the SLC Arts Council’s 2014 to 2020 Fine Arts Up North Calendars. She was the featured artist in the 2014 spring issue of ARTS QUARTERLY, SLC ARTS. Recently Sharon has also developed interests in contemporary Sumi-E, installation and mixed media sculpture. The variety of media has sharpened her sensibility in wider range of artistic forms.

In 2016 July, Sharon returned to Taipei, Taiwan where she left almost 30 year ago, in corporate with her husband’s one-year sabbatical leave. She has been very grateful for this opportunity to rediscover the new Taiwan. During the stay, she has taken so much new energy from this adventure o her artistic practice. As time passing silently, the exciting year was quickly over with two back-to-back solo exhibitions held in Taipei, one at the Nankang Software Research Park and one at YIYU ARTS. Blessed with refreshing energy and new experiences from Taiwan, Sharon is currently settled and continues to face her own unendingly artistic challenges in her North Country studio.