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Advanced Ukulele class


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Thursday | March 3 | 1pm-3pm

Ages 10 and up. The music of The Beatles will long be remembered as a tipping point for Rock and Roll music. They showed us what was possible for the genre to develop and influenced so much of what came after them. Learning their songs on the Ukulele is a great way to expand the chords and progressions you know, to practice exciting and challenging rhythms, and engage your creativity by creating enjoyable covers within the limitations of a different instrument. This class will focus giving you a starting point for your own journey through the music of The Beatles.

Materials: Bring your own ukulele. A capo is also needed for this class. Guitar capos will not work with ukuleles. A capo can be ordered by Kevin for $17, through local music retailers, or online through retailers like Amazon. Please indicate at the time of registration whether you would like Kevin to order a capo for you.